Producer & Director of Photography (2021) Non-Profit Video

Steve Hyde Instructional, Science

Production by Steve Hyde Films LLC Commissioned by Stem Paths Innovation Network Producer / Writer / Director: Nils Cowan Editor: Cody Lewis DP / Producer : Steve Hyde SPIN creates STEM opportunities for communities of color through high quality programming that engages families, uplifts communities, and empowers students. We know that while King County is a STEM-rich economy, STEM jobs, …

First AC / Arri Amira / Zeiss Super Speeds

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Steve Hyde’s role in this production was as First AC on the Camera crew.  He coordinated camera department resources and supported the work of Director of Photography, Zeb Smith.  Production Company:  Flies Collective for Google (2018) We maximized the use of (2) Arri Amira cameras on EZ Rig hand held stabalizers and a set of Zeiss Super Speed primes lenses.